Cooperative Membership Referral Program

Do you know someone who are looking for long term investment? Be a bridge and make that happen through Cooperative Membership Referral Program.

If you know a family, friend, or acquaintance who wants a long-term investment at the same time a they will get a hospital benefits and dividend / patronage refund yearly. Refer them to us.

In return, you shall be entitled to an incentive of 1% of the total investment in every successful transaction.

We encourage you to refer clients/patients using the duly filled-out Referral Incentive Form below.


Refer your friends now!

    Terms and conditions apply

    1. The Cooperative membership referral program is open to all existing member of Mission Hospital.
    2. Referring client/member must completely fill up the online referral form if they wish to refer a new member.
    3. Referring client/member will be notified of the successful referral via email or SMS.
    4. If two different clients submit the same referral, the person who referred first will be given the corresponding reward.
    5. 1% of the total investment reward will be given after 1 year of each successful member referral.
    6. Referring client/member should present two (2) valid ID’s upon bank transfer or claiming of check
    7. The Referral shall be subjected to the verification and evaluation of the Management.
    8. Management has the right to void transactions if above terms and conditions are not met.